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Bring in Your Kids for a Day of Play!

Once Upon A Dream is the ultimate indoor destination for children to play, explore and most importantly… have fun! We offer a drop-in program where families can spend quality time together while enjoying our incredible indoor playground and bakery.


Our play areas are sanitized and inspected hourly to ensure your little ones enjoy playing in a safe, clean and climate-controlled environment. Let your child explore and have an adventure at Once Upon A Dream in Tarzana! 

*Please call in advance for weekend open play hours.*
Let's Play
Playground Rules
  • Playground entrance fee is $20 (No exceptions).

  • Playground fee must be paid, prior to entering the playground.

  • A waiver must be completed for each child before play is permitted.

  • Shoes are not permitted in the play area.

  • Socks are required & must be worn by everyone or purchased.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times, outside of the play area.​

  • No food or drinks allowed inside the play area.

  • A responsible adult must accompany each child.

To save time you can complete the waiver in advance!


2-Hour PlayTime: $20

Purchase Socks $3

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